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The DNA Methylation Pathway Profile (accessing disease risk) is a tool that enables clinicians to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that can affect critical biochemical pathways like methionine metabolism, detoxification, hormone balance, and Vitamin D function. SNPs can impact disease risk, and their identification can aid in optimizing health and wellness outcomes for patients. By recommending lifestyle changes and dietary supplements, clinicians can help clients reduce the risk of developing diseases and support metabolic pathways’ optimal functioning.

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Cutting-edge science gives answers to chronic health problems - all from a few drops of blood you collect at home!

1. Personalized Health Insights 📊
Gain a comprehensive understanding of your overall health. iollo provides detailed reports highlighting key areas for improvement with actionable recommendations.
2. Convenience and Comfort 🏠
No need for inconvenient lab visits. Collect your sample effortlessly at home or at your physician's office using our pain-free device.
3. Custom Recommendations 🥗
Receive personalized dietary, lifestyle, and supplement advice to support your unique health needs.
4. Enhanced Energy and Well-being ⚡
Experience improved energy levels, better mental clarity, and overall enhanced well-being by addressing your health needs.
5. Proactive Health Management 🩺
Regularly monitor your health to prevent potential issues and maintain optimal well-being over time.
6. Biological Age and Longevity ⏳
Discover your biological age and receive insights on how to reduce it. Learn strategies to promote longevity and enjoy a healthier, longer life.
Our blood test provides unique and deeper insights into your overall health by analyzing 500+ biomarkers. Using this information, we create personalized recommendations just for you, to help you feel your best. 🌟
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    Biological vs Chronological Age Lab Test

    This test is evaluating 19 different health categories. You also get a biological aging report. - see if you are aging more slowly or more quickly than average.

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    Longevity Lab Test

    Metabolites measured with Iollo give insight into more contributing factors to chronic disease, unwellness, and biological aging than any other test!