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The reflection of your face in a mirror can reveal signs of a hormone imbalance. Let’s dig deeper beyond the skint o see what’s going on with your hormones. 

Losing hair at the crown of your head might indicate a thyroid deficiency. Did you know that thyroid hormones affect the thickness of the hair? You need an ample amount of sex hormones, in particular estrogens and testosterone, for hair luster. Your food intake is another factor to consider since your hair needs minerals and proteins. Since everything starts in the gut concerning food assimilation and absorption, you may want to take digestive enzymes. Low stomach acid makes it difficult to absorb nutrients, especially protein and minerals. 

Just look at your eyebrows to determine if they are thinning or if the outer third section of your eyebrows is missing. These signs are typical of low thyroid functioning.

Let’s move on to your eyelids. If they are dropping over your eyes, then there are typically growth hormone deficiencies since it is linked to a loss of elasticity of this eyelid tissue. 

Have dark circles under the eyes? It may be related to adrenal system dysfunction or cortisol deficiency.

Eyes constantly dry or watering unexpectedly? It may be due to an inability to build the fatty layer of your tears since tear production is influenced by testosterone, DHEA, estrogen and, progesterone hormones.

Loss of eyelashes can be due to either thyroid issues, deficiency in or low adrenal hormones.

Some people get puffy right around their nasal passages and feel stuffiness, and it can peak during one’s cycle because when estrogen peaks mid-cycle, nasal stuffiness also peaks.

Have a horizontal crease across your nose? It may be attributed to a habit of rubbing your nose in an upward fashion because you have an itching nose.

If you have hyperpigmentation on the upper lip, it could be Melasma which is linked to hormone disturbances, using birth control pills or during pregnancy.

Liver spots, age spots, sunspots, or an increase in darkened skin can be related to adrenal fatigue. Your body produces more cortisol when stressed out and leaves the estrogens in an unstable ratio. 

Have wrinkles vertical to the lips? This may indicate estrogen and testosterone deficiency during menopause. Dry or cracked lips are also associated with menopause. Have you ever tried applying progesterone cream to those menopausal lips? Vitamin D may enhance the effectiveness of progesterone. 

Unwanted hairs on your face like the chin? It’s from testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, and androstenedione become dominant. These hormones are believed to become more active as other hormones, such as estrogens, progesterone, and cortisol, are depleted. Best to balance your hormones. Progesterone deficit likely plays a role. As estrogen levels decline, then testosterone-like hormones are more active. 

Another factor potentially causing unwanted facial hair is the dysregulation of insulin and glucose. A gluten-free diet has been reported to diminish these facial hair growths.

Notice any skin tags? They are linked to glucose and insulin hormone imbalances. We see them with PCOS, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, and diabetes. 

Double chin or moon face appearance has been linked to glucose and cortisol imbalances along with diminished thyroid function. Treatments include neck exercises, yoga, and surgery. However, this neck tissue is thin, and changes quickly become apparent with losses in hormones, such as progesterone, pregnenolone, and DHEA.

Pale skin is linked to thyroid dysfunction since it ensures blood circulation to the skin and. 

Sagging cheeks is linked to hormones such as DHEA, testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, and growth hormone may be deficient.

Dehydrated, sunken, or shriveled skin is caused by not drinking enough water and not getting enough natural minerals found in salt. Too little salt can throw off the balance and functioning of the adrenal system, thyroid, and hormones. 

Do not be afraid to look t your face in the mirror and observe these signs about your hormone health. You can discover the fountain of youth with simple remedies and changes to your lifestyle. Work on restoring your hormone balance and see and feel the amazing results.

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